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AIC SHOW,is one of the fascinating programs launched by AIC. We invited the industry tycoons, experts, and famous RV travelling pioneers to be interviewed by video or by audio. They will share their insights on the development of RV and camping industry, their experience in operating the business, as well as the interesting stories about RV travelling and camping life.

Video Collection

Mr. Liu Yujiao, General Manager of Sales, Livezone RV
Mr. Tian Minghui, General Manager of RV Business Division, Yate Special Vehicles
Mr. Zhang Zhiwu, AIC Caravan Ambassador
Mr. Gu Yunsong, AIC Caravan Ambassador
Mr. Liu Danian, AIC Caravan Ambassador
Ms. Yang Bei, AIC Caravan Ambassador
Ms. Fang Ling, AIC Caravan Ambassador
Mr. Liao Hongbin, Chairman of RV International
Mr. Wang Jun, RV International
Ms. Jiang Lili, General Manager of RV Park of MYNS
Mr. Peng Shan, Director of RV Technology, CTS
Mr. Liu Yujiao, Livezone Automobile
Mr. Su Yanzhen, CEO of Dethleffs China
Mr. Liu Fei, Deputy General Manager of SAIC MAXUS
Mr. Zhu Bin, “Home of RV Life” Online Service
Ms. Zhou Meishan, Youmei Outdoor Culture
Special edition:vox pop
Interview Mr. Mozhao- The CEO of Lehero