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China Caravan Ambassador

Experiencing world No.1 show for motor homes and caravans ── CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF, starting the dream tour now

Promoting the culture of caravan & camping, disseminating the concept of caravaning lifestyle




As one of the most popular activities under the umbrella of All in CARAVANING, the China Caravan Ambassador Contest, which has been held for four times in a row, is well received in the industry. The previous winners and dozens of super caravan fans as candidates shared their caravaning stories, inspiring numerous people to pursue their traveling dream. Sponsored by the organizers of All in CARAVANING, all the winners set out for Germany to experience CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF, the world’s largest show for motor homes and caravans.


In view of the reputation and influence of the China Caravan Figure Award, the organizers summed up experience of the previous editions and decided to hold the Award in 2016 again. The ambassador should “embrace a healthy attitude toward life, abide by norms of words and deeds, have the habit of green travel, and promote the caravaning culture proactively”. Candidates are travelers who have legendary caravaning stories and move forward bravely to fulfill their aspirations. They are also folk ambassadors with the sense of mission and responsibility and full of positive energy and loving-kindness, who are dedicated to promoting caravaning as a healthy attitude toward way of life. They travel all around the world and spread the quintessence of the caravaning culture to each and every corner. They play an exemplary role in practicing the lifestyle of “returning to families, adoring the nature, living a simple life, and being happy” to engage more people to embrace such a lifestyle. We hope that by participating in the event, more caravan fans will share their experiences and stories to disseminate the healthy concept of “caravaning lifestyle”.


Shortlisted candidates with their cases will receive two appraisals, i.e. online popularity poll ballot and expert review. One China Caravan Ambassador 2016 will finally be selected. Sponsored by the organizers (the organizer will bear expenses of air tickets, accommodation, admission ticket and invitation letter), the ambassador will set out for Germany to experience CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF 2016. Moreover, on behalf of Chinese caravan users, the ambassador will attend exchange events and media interviews. Separately, the organizers will also select other China Fashion Caravan Owners, who will be awarded a trophy and a sleek gift set.


Besides over 100 media partners, the organizers will team up with FBLIFE.COM in an all-round way to further extend the coverage of the China Caravan Ambassador Award.


For more information, please contact siliya.wang@mds.cn or jay.miao@mds.cn.